Pencil portrait of Bob Holland, former CEO of Ben & Jerry's Homemade.
 Private commission.
 Private commission.
 Private commission.
 Portrait for physician's brochure.
 Illustration for Houghton Mifflin Math Book.
 Drawing for Woodstock Water Buffalo.
 Study for illustrations to accompany  University of Vermont Magazine  article about UVM student soldiers in the Civil War.
 Drawing for in-store poster in the deli of a small grocery store.
 Cover illustration for Quinlan Press' book  Why I Don't Jog .
 Personal drawing.
 Private commission.
 How To Shuck Oysters illustrations for Sperry Topsider.
 How To Tie a Barrel Knot illustrations for Sperry Topsider.
 Cod Rigs illustration for Sperry Topsider.
 Character drawings for Astra Luna Distiller's Old Ringo Tequila label
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