cape & island distillers

Watercolor Illustration

For their packaging and marketing materials, ESDI created hand painted watercolors that depicted the wildlife of Cape Cod and the Islands.

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Cape & Islands Distillery, located on Cape Cod in Sandwich  is dedicated to bringing unique and quality spirits to Cape Cod.   Each of our products combines the unforgettable Cape & Islands experience with local ingredients and craftsmanship. Distilled with pride in Massachusetts. The founders of Cape & Islands Distillery came to ESDI for a logo, their packaging and all of their marketing materials.

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Packaging Design

Cape & Island Distillery created Sippewissett Gin, Crook Jaws Cape Cod Amber Rum, Cape Cod Great White Rum, Cape Cod Vodka, Fish Crow Cape Cod Malt Whiskey, East Chop Vodka and others and came to ESDI for their packaging design to get their products to stand out in the marketplace. ESDI's design ability and knowledge of printing techniques and processes allowed AstraLuna to have eye-catching labelling for all of their artisanal products.


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