Founded in 2002, by David Muller, The Woodstock Water Buffalo Company in South Woodstock, Vermont, is America's first
and only farmstead dairy devoted to the care and feeding of water buffalo, whose superior milk forms the basis of the company's unique, super-premium dairy products. The company's fresh mozzarella and yogurt are prized for their rich, creamy flavors and are praised by noted chefs, discriminating food editors, self-proclaimed foodies, and environmentally aware shoppers.
David came to ESDI at the beginning of his start up needing an iconic logo for his brand, as well as all of his packaging design, marketing materials and his website.

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Packaging Design

The Woodstock Water Buffalo Company needed packaging for their water buffalo yogurts and cheeses and came to ESDI for clean, strong and appetizing design that would speak to the quality and taste of their products.WWB text

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