Ithaca Milk


Ithaca Milk was started a few years ago with the idea in mind that small scale, sustainable farming is possible in a modern farming landscape. The animals and the land that produce our food should be treated with respect, and managed with the living environment in mind.

Since inception they have focused on supporting a few small, single breed farms with extremely high quality products. They have their own Water Buffalo herd

The founders came to ESDI to create hand crafted clean and beautiful from logos of their different lines of dairy and meat to the packaging design, websites and all of their marketing materials.

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Packaging design

Ithaca Milk and Ithaca Water Buffalo needed packaging design for their milk and yogurt lines as well as their cheese labels. They came to ESDI wanting a clean, hand painted look that was easily recognizable and represented their superior quality products.

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Watercolor Illustration

Ithaca Milk and Ithaca Water Buffalo needed illustrations for their yogurt and milk packaging and asked ESDI to paint realistic watercolors to represent their ingredients.